The energyEGG® switches off appliances and lights that have been accidentally left on - saving you energy and improving home safety. 

Using patented SitStill technology, it detects when you enter a room, remain in it, or leave. Once it detects your movement, it acts like a remote control, wirelessly switching appliances and lights on and off to suit you.

No more 'Did I leave the iron?' on moments. No more wasted energy.

Simple. Smart. Safe.

Find out more about the energyEGG here.

"The beauty of this device is that even my 5 year old can use it. It actually encourages him to switch off manually."

Quentin Clark
Head of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing, Waitrose

"Whether you're a tree-hugger concerned about the environment or, more likely, someone who'd rather shrink their electricity bill, the energyEGG should appeal."

Jim Martin
Features Editor, PC Advisor