energyEGG Helps Milton Keynes Residents Reduce Their Energy Bills

Less is More Loughton Iain Stewart MP .


The energyEGG was recently given to households as part of Western Power Distribution’s ‘Less is More’ project. This innovative project is aimed at reducing electricity consumption during peak times and is already helping hundreds of families to reduce their energy costs.

Western Power Distribution, an electricity distribution network that delivers electricity to almost 8 million customers, was awarded Low Carbon Networks Funding from Ofgem to run the pilot project between January 2014 and December 2014.

The overarching aim was to foster a new approach to energy demand management by utilising a network of energy advice charities to help communities reduce electricity consumption, especially during peak times. The charities involved in the project include Community Energy Plus, Severn Wye Energy Agency and the National Energy Foundation.

‘Less is More’ is based on the premise that savings can be created for everyone: communities can earn up to £5,000 by participating in the project, while Western Power Distribution will reduce their overheads by cancelling planned substation upgrades, and can pass these savings on to their customers.

TreeGreen’s involvement has been through the National Energy Foundation, a Milton Keynes-based charity that helps individuals, businesses and government understand and improve the use of energy in buildings. The NEF indicated an interest in the energyEGG after it was featured on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. It was agreed that the energyEGG would be provided to the residents of Loughton in Milton Keynes who were taking part in the scheme.

The success of this trial was such that the project is now being rolled out across substations located in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare, Gloucester, Cardiff, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Shrewsbury and Hayle.

On average the energyEGG saves households 28% of their electricity bills by switching off appliances and lights when they’re not being used.

Find out how much the energyEGG could save you by visiting our online calculator, or by downloading our Cost Savings White Paper.

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Picture above (from left to right): Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South; Steve Gough, Innovation and Low Carbon Engineer for Western Power Distribution; Kerry Mashford, CEO The National Energy Foundation; Paul Bartless, a resident of Loughton



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