The Egg Fight Explained


As a kid, Easter was one of my favourite holidays. There is a lot to like about Easter, whether you’re religious or not so much, but the main thing that got me so excited were the Easter eggs. Growing up in Latvia, my family had quite a lot of traditions around the Easter egg – dying the eggs in onion shells (Yes, onion shells! Boiling eggs in onion shells gives them a nice dark colour), putting them in a stocking with leaves, rice and other materials to create a pattern, the Easter egg hunt through the garden and most importantly  - the egg fight!

The Easter egg fight is a traditional game known in various cultures and is also referred to as egg “tapping”, “knocking”, “pecking” as well as various other titles. The game is particularly popular in Greece, where it is played with red eggs, and across Central and Eastern Europe. The egg takes an important part in pagan celebrations of spring where for Christians it is the symbol of the resurrection of Jesus at Easter.

Some eggs I coloured last Easter

Some eggs I dyed last Easter

The principle of egg fights is to hold your hard-boiled egg firmly and tap your opponent’s egg briskly so it breaks. You fight with both ends of your egg and the battle is lost once both ends of your egg are cracked. This goes round until there is a ‘last man standing’.  You do not win a prize per se, but the losers need to break and peel their eggs to prove they are not fake and then eat them with some salt. 


But it turns out this game is not only enjoyed by kids. The so-called “egg-jarping” championship has been held at Peterlee Cricket And Social Club County Durham, England each year since 1983. Their two-time champion is an 81 year old who heaps praise on the egg fights: "There isn't any special skill involved. It's just a lot of fun."

Also, in Louisiana (US) egg fight is a ‘serious’ competition event. Every Easter Sunday the whole town comes together to show off their eggs and find out who has the toughest one to crack. They have very strict rules against hardening the eggs and are very particular about the kind of eggs that can be used! 

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