"Whether you’re a tree-hugger concerned about the environment or, more likely, someone who’d rather shrink their electricity bill, the energyEGG should appeal."

Jim Martin
Features Editor, PC Advisor

"The energyEGG is a simple device doing what it says it will, and doing it well."

Stuart Miles

"We recommend the energyEGG"

James McAllister

"Energy EGG to crack problem of power waste"

Tim Sharp
City Editor, The Herald

"My teenage son is always leaving stuff on in his room.........not anymore! Great little product."

TreeGreen Customer
John Lewis Website

"The energyEGG is great for households with gadgets galore and inhabitants prone to leaving everything on standby."

Hari Alexander
Contributor, Deco Magazine

"The simple, effective energyEGG"

Duncan Geere
News Editor,

"The beauty of this device is that even my 5 year old can use it. It actually encourages him to switch off manually."

Quentin Clark
Head of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing, Waitrose

"The dad who’s making a difference.."

Colleen Reid
Contributor, Mindful Mum magazine

"It's sooo easy to set up, sooo easy to use!"

Mum, Kilmarnock

"A great low-effort, low-cost install for people wishing to reduce their household carbon footprint."

Aspectus PR

"This new version of the Energy Egg will automatically switch on appliances once it senses movement which works flawlessly. I would recommend this product to anyone."

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