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What it does

The energyEGG works with the control adaptor (included) to turn off unused appliances. When it detects that the room is empty, the energyEGG sends a signal to the adaptor which shuts off the power running through it. Anything connected to the adaptor is therefore also switched off. Really simple idea, really effective energy saver.

SitStill sensor

The energyEGG has a unique smart occupancy sensor, called a SitStill sensor, that can tell the difference between an empty room and one where an occupant is sitting still. This means that the energyEGG will never turn off your appliances when you’re still in the room. So you can settle down on the sofa and watch your favourite film in peace, knowing that there’s no danger of it cutting out halfway through.  

Time delay

The energyEGG has a timer on the bottom, which allows you to set a delay of between 5-30 minutes. The energyEGG will then wait for the room to be empty for the preset amount of time before turning anything off. So if you set it to five minutes, your energyEGG would wait for five minutes after you leave the room before switching things off.


Manual button

The energyEGG has one simple button on the top. This can be used to switch appliances on or off manually. To turn something on, simply press the button once. To turn something off, press and hold the button for a couple of seconds (This is a childproofing measure – you wouldn’t want your kids sporadically turning things off all the time!) Remember, the energyEGG will only turn devices ON manually – we designed it this way because nobody ever forgets to switch things on. [/tab] [tab]

Do I need one in every room?

No – you only need an energyEGG® in rooms where you’re wasting electricity. If you have multiple rooms where a number of appliances are often left on – kids’ rooms, for example – we recommend equipping each one with an energyEGG®. If not, then one in the living room will suffice.  

Will it turn things on when I re-enter the room?

The energyEGG® is an energy saver, so it only turns appliances OFF automatically. To turn appliances on, simply use the on/off button on top of the egg.


Will it warn me before switching things off?

Yes – one minute before the energyEGG® turns appliances off, it will beep. If  you want your appliances to remain on, simply re-enter the room and the energyEGG® will not turn anything off.  

Will the sensor pick up my pets?

If you place the energyEGG® high up, it won’t pick up any dogs or cats that are walking around on the floor.


What if I need something left on – if I’m recording a TV show, for example?

For times when you need appliances left on, you can turn the sensor off using the timer on the base, ensuring that nothing will be automatically switched off. Alternatively, you could just be selective over what you connect to the energyEGG® – you’re in control.  

What if something goes wrong – am I covered?

Yes. All of our products come with an automatic one-year warranty, which can be extended to three years for free. Warranty information can be found here. You may also want to check our returns policy.

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 What to connect

The energyEGG will only switch off appliances that you connect to it. There are some appliances that you will want switched off (eg. Television, hair straighteners, floor lamp) and some that you will want left on (eg. Sky/Freeview box, alarm clock, fridge). Take some time to think through what you do and don’t want to connect.  

Use the ‘Home off’ setting

There are some appliances that you may want to switch off at the end of the day, but not automatically over the course of the day (eg. Wireless Router). You can set these up on a HOME OFF setting, to ensure that they do not turn off automatically. You can set adaptors to do this by holding down the energyEGG button for 6-8 seconds when in learn mode.  

Control multiple appliances

The best way to maximise your savings from one energyEGG is to use an energyEGG power strip. However, you can plug any regular power strip into the energyEGG control adaptor. You can then control multiple devices from one socket – ideal for those big clusters of electronics (such as your Television, DVD player etc).  

How to use with a computer

Want to use your energyEGG with a computer, but worried about losing data? Not a problem – it’s easy to set up your energyEGG to work safely with your computer. Simply set the computer to go into sleep mode after a period of time, and then set the energyEGG timer to a slightly longer period. Your computer will now go to sleep before the energyEGG switches it off, ensuring a safe shutdown with no loss of data. [/tab] [tab] All files are in pdf format    

Instruction manual


Product catalogue


energyEGG brochure

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Warranty information

  Your energyEGG comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty as standard. In the event of a physical defect due to material or workmanship, please contact us, stating where and when you purchased the device. If you discover a defect covered by this warranty we will repair or replace the product at our discretion using new or refurbished components.   This warranty covers defects in manufacturing that arise from the correct use of the device. It is limited to defects in materials or workmanship and does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, unauthorised modification, power surge damage or extreme heat or cold or corrosive environments. TreeGreen is not accountable for loss of software, firmware, data or information resulting from the use of the energyEGG®. The warranty also does not cover the normal wear and tear on covers, cases, housings, connectors and accessories. The warranty does not apply to any product with missing, altered or defaced serial numbers.  

Free 3 Year Warranty

Simply contact us to register your product and we will extend your standard 12 month warranty to a total of 3 years from the original date of purchase. You must provide proof of purchase to register your product. [/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

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