How much will I save?

Typically, the energyEGG saves 28% on the running costs of connected appliances. However,  we recognise that everyone uses energy differently, and that the energyEGG will benefit some more than others. Visit our energy saving calculator for a free personalised energy saving report.

Can it control lights?

After listening to your feedback, we developed the energyEGG 2 which can control lights. To control lights you’ll need our stylish Smart Light Switch. The energyEGG then wirelessly connects to the light switch, and will switch your lights OFF when you leave the room. The clever daylight-saving function in the energyEGG means that it will only switch your lights on again when you walk into a dark room.

Do I need an energyEGG for every room?

No – you only need an energyEGG in rooms where you’re wasting electricity. If you have multiple rooms where a number of appliances or lights are often left on – kids’ rooms, for example – we recommend equipping each one with an energyEGG. If not, then one in the living room will suffice.

Will it turn things on when I re-enter the room?

The energyEGG 2 is able to switch appliances on when you re-enter the room. This second generation version is included in the Power Pack and is also able to control your mains lighting through the Smart Light Switch. If you just want an energyEGG that will switch appliances off when they’ve been  left on, then the original Family Pack and Solo Pack are still available.

What if I need something left on – if I’m recording a TV show, for example?

Then the energyEGG Power Pack is what you're looking for. The Power Pack is the perfect way to save energy without losing the convenience of being able to leave certain devices on when you're out of the house. It includes a unique power strip with two sockets which are 'always on' - ideal for you Sky/Freeview box and broadband router. The other four sockets on the power strip are controlled by the energyEGG. Connect appliances you don’t want left on to these sockets (e.g TV, lamps, DVD player, games console, electric heater, iron). The energyEGG will switch these appliances off when the room is empty, saving you energy and improving home safety.

Will it warn me before switching things off?

Yes – one minute before the energyEGG turns appliances off, it will beep. If you want your appliances to remain on, simply re-enter the room and the energyEGG will not turn anything off.

Will the sensor pick up my pets?

If you place the energyEGG high up (e.g on your mantelpiece or bookcase), then it won’t pick up any dogs or cats that are walking around on the floor.

How long will the battery last?

The energyEGG comes with a 9v alkaline battery with a lifespan of at least 1 year. 

What if something goes wrong? Am I covered?

Yes. All of our products come with an automatic one-year warranty. Warranty information can be found here. You may also want to check our returns policy.