Tips & guidelines

Double-Click Function – Controlling Lights

The energyEGG’s double-click function allows you to control a set of lights separately from appliances. One click of the energyEGG button to turn your appliances ON/OFF, two taps to turn your lights ON/OFF. Simple!

 To control lights you will need an energyEGG Smart Light Switch.   If you don’t have a Smart Light Switch then you can use the double-click function to control a second group of Control Sockets or Power Strips. To use the double-click function follow the Quick Set-up guide in the energyEGG instruction manual, and replace the single click of the energyEGG with a double click.  

What to connect

The energyEGG will only control appliances that are connected to the control socket or power strip. There are some appliances that you will want switched off (eg. Television, hair straighteners, floor lamp) and some that you will want left on (eg. Sky/Freeview box, alarm clock, fridge). Take some time to think through what you do and don’t want to connect, and have a look at the energyEGG range to find the best product to suits your needs.

Use the ‘Home OFF’ setting

The ‘Home OFF’ function allows you to switch off lights and appliances in multiple rooms with one click of the energyEGG button – ideal if you’re rushing out the house or if you want to switch everything off before you go to bed. Find out how use the ‘Home OFF” setting by downloading the energyEGG instruction manual.

Control multiple appliances

The best way to maximise your savings from one energyEGG is to use an energyEGG power strip. The unique power strip is included in the energyEGG Power Pack

It has four sockets which are controlled by the energyEGG, and an additional two which are ‘always on’ – ideal for your set-top box or broadband router. The energyEGG Power Pack is the best way to control clusters of appliances –  for example around your TV area.

How to use with a computer

Want to use your energyEGG with a computer, but worried about losing data? Not a problem – it’s easy to set up your energyEGG to work safely with your computer. Simply set the computer to go into sleep mode after a period of time, and then set the energyEGG timer to a slightly longer period. Your computer will now go to sleep before the energyEGG switches it off, ensuring a safe shutdown with no loss of data.