Who We Are

The energyEGG is the flagship product from TreeGreen, an ambitious and vibrant young company based in Glasgow. We are a small and dedicated team committed to providing simple ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce electric bills.

We firmly believe you shouldn't have to choose between living efficiently and living comfortably. Saving energy shouldn't be a hassle or inconvenience. We recognise that everyone uses energy differently, and believe that these disparate needs can be met through our simple and easy to use products.

The energyEGG

The energyEGG is the brainchild of TreeGreen director Brian O'Reilly, a father of four who found himself constantly nagging his wife and children for leaving lights and appliances on when nobody was using them. After fruitlessly trying to get his family to turn off games consoles, TVs, stereos and even hair straighteners when they weren't being used, Brian decided to invent the energyEGG.


Reduces energy bills – typically saves 30% on the running costs of connected appliances and lights

Safety – no more ‘Did I leave the iron on?’ moments

Easy to use – one button to wirelessly switch off lights and appliances around the room.

How it works

Using patented SitStill™ motion technology, the energyEGG can detect when you enter a room, remain in it or leave. Once it detects your movement it acts like a remote control, wirelessly switching appliances and lights ON/OFF to suit you. Leave the room and your appliances and lights will automatically switch off. Come back and they will switch on again. Simple!

The energyEGG also has a remote control function which allows you to switch things off with a click of a button. Always in a rush in the mornings? Save time by switching everything off with one tap of the energyEGG button. Worried that your kids are watching TV in their room when they’re supposed to be in bed? The wireless 20m range in the energyEGG allows you to remotely switch their TV off from the comfort of the living room.

LED Lighting

The energyEGG range is just a part of our commitment to providing affordable energy-efficient solutions. Our bespoke LED lighting range - EGGlighting - can help to significantly reduce electricity costs for businesses and homeowners alike.

Coupled with the motion sensor capabilities of the energyEGG, our lighting products offer the chance to achieve a fully integrated automation system. Have a look at our latest LED lighting product catalogue for more information.