The energyEGG

At TreeGreen we're never sitting still. We’re always keen to embrace new technologies. In this sense, the energyEGG is a constantly evolving product.

Our initial range, the Family Pack and the Solo Pack, is ideal if you want a simple energy-saving device that will switch your appliances off when you forget. The energyEGG included with these also has the remote control function, allowing you to switch your appliances off with one tap of the energyEGG. The Family and Solo Packs are where it all started for us, and are great value from our online store.

A motion sensor with a difference!

The energyEGG's patented SitStill motion sensor is a constant throughout the entire range. This unique Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor can detect the difference between someone sitting still and an empty room, meaning that it won't switch off your TV whilst your lying on the sofa watching your favourite programme. 

energyEGG: Mark II

After listening to your feedback, we've further developed our range and are proud to have recently launched the energyEGG Power Pack.

This product has several additional features. Firstly, the energyEGG comes with a power strip instead of control adaptors. The power strip has 6 sockets in total, two of which are 'always on', meaning that the energyEGG doesn't control them. These sockets are perfect for your Sky/Freeview box or broadband router. They won't switch off unless you personally disconnect them.

The other additional features are to do with the energyEGG itself. We've added an 'auto-on’ function, meaning that as well as turning your appliances off when you leave the room, the energyEGG can now switch them on again when you come back.

In addition, the energyEGG can now control your lighting. It does this by wirelessly connecting to our new (and very stylish) Smart Light Switch. The energyEGG detects your movement and will switch lights on when you come into the room (only when it's dark!) and off again when you leave. 

Like the look of the original Solo Pack, but want the additional features of the new energyEGG? Don't worry - our new Solo Pack comes with the updated energyEGG, as well as a newly designed black control adaptor.

Meet the inventor!

brian imageThe energyEGG was invented by Scottish entrepreneur Brian O'Reilly, a father of who found himself constantly nagging his children for leaving electrical appliances on when they weren't being used. After fruitlessly trying to teach them how to save energy, Brian decided that it would be easier to invent a device that would take the problem out of his hands. He began dreaming up system that would automatically turn off appliances in an empty room. With help from the likes of Strathclyde and Napier Universities, Scottish Enterprise and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Brian created the energyEGG from this initial concept. The rest, as they say, is history! 

Follow Brian on Twitter @BrianOReilly20.