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Energy Saving Solutions

A Smart Occupancy Sensor That Will Automatically Switch Things Off When You Forget.

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Energy Saving Solutions

A Smart Occupancy Sensor That Will Automatically Switch Things Off When You Forget.

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switch off appliances

Tips & Guidelines

Find and implement the right advice today to save up on your energy bills or switch to cleaner energy.

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Shipped Worldwide

Smart energy-saving sensors and devices are available around the world to start saving energy today.


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Montly Payments

Reduce the cost of your electricity bills with the right awareness of energy wastage and control.


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Direct Installation

Easy to install sensors and energy saving devices with a user manual.


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Free Returns

Ninety days use-and-return policy for unsatisfactory results. Return the product at any time without giving a reason.




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10% of the energy you consume

Products For The Energy Efficient Home


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01. Control Adaptor

Special control adapter, remote, and a mobile app to manage your energy use.

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02. Smart Light Switch

Automated light switches to work effectively when you are away from the room.

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03. Ceiling Mounted Sensor

Active sensors for your entire home to track human activity and control the switches accordingly.

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leave appliances switched on

Energy Calculator

Download our app today to manage your energy consumption data effectively. Find our what is consuming more energy at your home and find alternate options to reduce energy costs.

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Clients Feedback

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Peace Of Mind

Now with the automated energy system at my home, I do not have to worry about leaving my lights on when I am going out. I feel relaxed on one of the worries of my life while also saving on my bills.

Georgia Byrnes







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Our Blog

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How To Change The Air Filters In Your Home

Is your air filter filled with dust and debris? If so, then it’s time to replace it. A properly maintained air conditioner won’t only ensure the circulation of fresh air in the house, but itll last longer and save money on utility bills.   

You should check your air filters monthly and they should be replaced every three months. A clogged AC filter prevents air from flowing through, the dust and debris will cause wear and tear to the filter and other parts of the AC too.    

Changing an air filter only takes a few minutes of your time and Voila! You are up and running again.   

Before you change your air filter, you need to know the following factors:   

  • Where is the air filter located?  

The air filter is mostly located in the return air duct. This is the duct that draws air from the rooms back to the system for reheating or cooling. These ducts are mostly found in the ceiling or on the walls.   

You can also refer to the AC unit manual to help you find it and it will specify the size too.  

If you can’t find the air filters, contact your technician to help you identify the air filters’ location.  

  • How do I know the size of my air filter? 

Air filter sizes are printed on the outer border of the filters. They are three-dimension sizes like 20 x 20 x 1 and 16 x 20 x 1. Be sure to check the size before you buy a replacement to avoid buying the wrong filters.   

Air filters with higher MERV ratings (7 -12) filter air more effectively than lower ratings. They cost more, but theyre worth the cost. Therefore, you may order the 20x20x1 air filters for fast delivery at your doorstep.   

  • How often should I change my air filters?  

Keep in mind that during winter and summer the air conditioning units do a lot of work meaning they should be replaced after a shorter time compared to spring and fall when they do less work.  

If you live with more than one pet or someone with an allergy, air filters should be changed after one and a half months. For a home without pets, you can change air filters after the recommended three months. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of using air filters in your home.

Follow these steps to change your air filters.   

1. Turn Off The Power  

Safety comes first, you’re at a risk of getting shocked from the high voltage. Turning the power off protects both you and the air conditioning system. Keeping the system off will also prevent dust and debris from being sucked into the air conditioning system.  

2. Remove The Old Filter  

Don’t handle the filter roughly. Take it out slowly to prevent dust and debris from falling off creating a mess.  

Remember to check an arrow on the frame, which shows the direction of airflow.  

3. Insert The New Air Filter  

Remember the correct direction of airflow first. Insert the new air filter the same way the previous one was to maintain direction.   

The direction is important because the home air filters cant filter the air from both directions. They only filter the air from one direction.  

To avoid forgetting the direction arrow, you can draw the direction of airflow on the outside, to guide the next person changing the filters.  

4. Check IThe Air Filter Fits Correctly 

After you’ve placed the new air filter, inspect it to see if it fits correctly. You can return the old filter to clear doubts. If the new filter doesn’t fit correctly, it’s either bigger, smaller, or damaged.   

If you bought a wrong filter, you can request for a replacement with a correct one.  

5. Turn On the Air Conditioning Unit  

This is the final step. Close everything after youre done and turn the AC unit on to see if everything works correctly.  

Everything should work well if you followed the steps. If you still find a problem after following the replacement steps, then you should contact your HVAC technician to help. It could be another problem that needs fixing, which isn’t just the air filter.  

Parting Lines 

That’s it! Youre done. You can enjoy fresh purified air. Air conditioning units, just like any other appliance, needs to be regularly maintained to ensure efficiency. Eventually, problems are bound to happen. Learn how to check your air conditioner for any problems before contacting your technician for professional help.   

How was your experience of changing the air filters in your home? Do let us know in the comments below. 

4 Benefits Of Using Air Filters In Your Home

Clean air is important in the world no matter where you live. Air filters may be common in many houses, but do you actually know the benefits of using themPerhaps you’re simply enjoying the benefits of breathing in clean air without ever having considered what air filters do.

Air filters can do a lot of things for your home but the underlying benefits aren’t as known as they should be. In this article we’ll go into detail of the top four benefits of using air filters in your home. Let’s take a look:  

1. Helps Prevent Dust, Pollen and Other Debris Build-up 

Have you ever noticed the tops of your ceiling fans after not cleaning them for a while? Usually theyre covered in dust. And if dust can settle on a moving fan, imagine where else it can pile up. Air filters do a great job of making your homedusting duties a lot less arduousSome filters can even remove pollen from the air, which may aid you in preventing springtime allergies.  

Other toxic debris such as paint chips may be kept out of your home as well. Both of these benefits can keep your home free from debris as long as you check the rating on the filter itself and regularly change the air filterThe effectiveness of different filters depends on their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating, which is the industry-standard ranking. 

2. Helps Heating and Cooling Efficiency 

It may not be common knowledge, but air filters actually help your air conditioner run smoother. Theyre essentially the foundation for a clean and efficient home. Going back to the idea of a fan collecting dust: imagine if you never clean it. It’s possible the fan would get clogged up with so much dust and debris that it requires more energy to circulate airAnd, at the same time, it’s sending dust around the room.  

The same applies to your heating and cooling systems; the filters have to bcleaned regularly or else they use more energy to cool or warm your home. When the filters are filled with dust, their efficiency is slowed and they can’t absorb any more. Between your high rated MERV filter and routine cleaning, youll be able to enjoy your home at the right temperature without an outstanding energy bill.  

3. Keeps Out Insects 

Mosquitoes and other pests can travel through the smallest spaces, so a home without a solid air filter might as well have a “welcome all pests” sign on the front door. Some pests are also attracted to low quality air within homes. However, most of us don’t want pests anywhere near our homes. After all, many bugs, especially mosquitoes, carry diseases such as malaria.  

There can be other complications with additional pests in your home. Termites and Powder post beetles can eat away at the wood framework of you home. Using an air filter can make it harder for destructive pests to make a meal out of your house.  

4. Helps to Prevent Health Hazards

Better air quality benefits you by lowering your risk of developing chronic illnesses and exposure to indoor air pollution. Environments thacause wheezing like asthma can worsen when the air is dirty, or because of other allergens. There are many other lingering particles that can be toxic or harmful to your health. However, a home air filter system can help eliminate airborne particles that may cause tight lungs and breathing issues. Its also important that the filter must be cleaned regularly to provide optimum performanceBy maintaining a highly rated filter youll combat hazards and aid in easier breathing. 


In conclusion, there are many benefits of using an air filter in your home. Some of these include the prevention of dust and debris build-up, helping your heating and cooling systems run efficiently, and keeping out insects. Purchasing and maintaining an air filter will translate into a clean home, and will help ensure harmful dust isn’t circulating indoors.  

Your home is a place where you shouldn’t have to worry about the air you breatheIn addition, a home is a place you want to always be despite destructive pestsSomething as simple as good, clean air can really go a long way in maintaining the over health and lifestyle of you and your homeThe benefits of a solid air filter start in the home, but they can help you live a worry-free life.  

Rat Control: How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Home Permanently

Wherever you may be reading this from, it’s quite possible that mice and rats are comfortable enough to make your home theirs too. Mice and rats are carriers of so many diseases that you wouldn’t want them in your home. As cute as they may look, it’s safe to say that homeowners should still consider these rodents as pests.  

The last thing that you’d want to happen is for rats and other rodents to permanently create a residence in your home. So, whenever you see one in your home, it’s advisable that you always make the effort to drive them away, and permanently at that. Here are some of the best tips on how you can get your rodents out of your home forever: 

1. Cover Up Holes And Spaces With Steel Wool 

Whenever you see holes and spaces in your home, one of the best ways for you to ensure that rodents never get through is to cover it permanently. But, if this option isn’t available at the moment, sealing these gaps with steel wool will do.  

There are many other viable solutions for rat control that you can choose to fill up holes in your homes such as drywall and insulation paper. However, rodents can easily chew on these. With steel wool, however, if they did try to chew on these, it would also kill them. Steel wool is a cheap and common household item that you can use. You can prevent mice from infiltrating your home – forever.

2. If You Don’t Have Pet Birds, Don’t Feed Other Birds 

When you have children in your home, it can be very tempting to have bird food around your house so that you and your children can share this fun activity. However, the bird food you keep in your home also attracts rodents. If you don’t have pet birds, don’t keep bird food around. 

3. Turn On Some Lights 

Rodents don’t like bright lights. If you’ve noticed, rodents only dwell in dark areas, so you may want to turn on some lights around those areas. Rats are mostly nocturnal animals, which means that they’re less inclined to stay and dwell in well-lit areas. This suggestion is one of the most favored solutions by expert rodent removal companies. If you see that there’s a rat infestation somewhere in your home, use strobe lights. If you can aim these lights in places where you know they hide, you’ll see them leave and never come back. 

4. Properly Seal All Pet Food  

In stores and groceries, most cat and dog food are kept in boxes or sacks. However, at home, you should transfer these into airtight containers because all pet food attracts rodents. Since rodents have a keen sense of smell and the smell of pet food wafts into the air if they are kept in open boxes and sacks, the rats will keep returning. When this happens, not only are you breeding rats in your home, you’re also feeding them and their entire tribe the food that’s for your pets. Even more, you’ll be doing a cleaning job every single day with the pet food that’s scattered all over the place. To avoid this, keep your pet food in airtight containers, and store all these containers away from the floor. 

5. Spray Peppermint Oil Around  

Another viable solution for you to keep rodents out of your home is to spray some peppermint oil around the house. Peppermint oil is herb-based and non-toxic. In addition, your rooms will smell fresh and clean. The smell of peppermint is a natural deterrent to mice and rats. A bonus tip: you may want to add peppermint oil to your cleaners or you may choose cleaners with a fresh scent.  

6. Seal All Garbage Bins

Garbage bins that contain leftover food attract rats. Imagine the germs and dirt that these rodents can spread after going through your trash bins and running around your home. Check that all your garbage bins have covers that cannot be opened by animals. Trash cans should be emptied into the lockable garbage bins.  

If you’ve too much waste, there are many ways you can remove rubbish from your home like hiring professional junk removal service.


Mice and rats can contaminate your home, spread diseases, destroy wirings, containers, and even important documents. When you see rats or mice in your home, or you see evidence of rodents such as droppings and nibbled holes in plastic bags or insulation, act immediately and permanently keep these pests away from your home. With the six (6) practical tips summarized in this article, you now have some of the best ways to be safe and healthy. 

How To Convert Your Garage To A Multi-functional Space.docx

A garage often serves as more than just a safe place for your vehicles. While it keeps your cars or motorcycles safe, a garage may also be used for repair projects, storage, creative work, and so on. In fact, your garage can be converted into a multifunctional space. 

Converting your garage into a functional and beautiful space typically costs less than the full cost of a home renovation project. Whether you’re planning to convert your garage into an extended living room or a craft room, there are many ways for how you can achieve it and these include the following: 

1. Paint Your Walls A Bold And Bright Color 

To add instant cheeriness to your home garage, you need to apply a fresh coat of paint. Select a bright paint color that matches your interior or would make you happy. If the walls in your garage have unfinished open studs, you might have to install drywall before you paint. 

To put the finishing touch on your garage, you can add some baseboard and crown molding. Once you’re done, your garage won’t just look like a typical parking space, but a stylish part of your home that can be used for several purposes. 

2. Add More Garage Electrical Power 

The majority of garages have only one electrical outlet, which may limit the number of tools you may use in your garage. If you want your garage to be a multifunctional space, you should give it more electrical power by installing extra electrical outlets along your garage wallsIt’s best to let professional technicians, such as the ones from Portes De Garage MB, take care of electrical and mechanical work to ensure that your garage is safely equipped. 

3. Weatherproof Your Garage 

Since a garage isn’t always conditioned as a living space, you need to consider heating and insulation. A comfortable garage should be cool during summer and warm in the winter. Many uninsulated garages have exposed beams which you may cover by rolling insulation on them. If you want your garage to be insulated properly, it’d be best to hire experts to help you. 

For winter months, you can have a small heater, especially if your garage space isn’t too big. But, if you require something better, you can choose a hot air system as one of your options. For summer, having a cooling unit or an air conditioning system is the best solution. 

4. Upgrade Your Floors 

A good way to improve your garage and make it a multifunctional space is to upgrade your flooring. Replace the typical concrete floors with modular floor tiles or epoxy floor coating. Although some homeowners might not prioritize this, it can actually make a huge difference in the overall aesthetics of your garage. 

At present, there are many flooring options available that are suitable for any garage. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can even install floors that are custom designed. Just make sure that your chosen flooring is durable, easy to clean, and can withstand high amounts of foot traffic. This is especially important if most of your family members spend more time in the garage doing various projects. 

5. Make Your Garage Walls Work For You 

If you want to have extra space to store things in your garage, take advantage of the potential of your walls. You may install shelves for storing bigger items, baskets for a simple way to store some miscellaneous items, or hooks to hang your tools. 

Another way to achieve easy garage organization is through installing a slatwall. A slatwall panel has horizontal grooves, which may be used for holding hooks, shelves, and hanging bins or baskets. Slatwall also makes it easy to install the kinds of fixtures that you require and enable you to change or move them whenever you want to without causing any fuss. 

6. Add Entertainment

To make your garage more functional, don’t forget to add entertainment in it by including the following: 


Make sure that your garage has reasonably good Wi-Fi like other parts of your home. If the signal is not strong enough, you can consider using a signal booster. That way, you can install home technology needs for your garage.


If you don’t want to go inside your house just to get a cold drink or snacks, you can place another refrigerator in your garage. With a fridge in your garage, you can easily enjoy cold beverages and get a bite of your favorite desserts. 

Add An Extra Sound System

A wired sound system is a level up compared to just having a boom box, but it depends on your preferences. If you’re a tech savvy person, you can opt for a wireless sound system. 

Have A Big TV

Placing a TV will make your garage more appealing and comfortable to hang out in. You can mount your TV on the wall or hidden within your cabinets. If your garage is properly insulated, you may choose any TV you prefer. However, if it isn’t climate controlled, purchase a TV that comes with a cooling and heating system. 

7. Add More Storage Space 

Most of you have probably seen garages full of things for no rhyme or reason. If you’re converting your garage into a multifunctional space, you should always have the right storage setup. You can do this by adding more cabinets. 

Cabinets can be mounted on your garage wall. You may also pick freestanding cabinet pieces or cabinets on wheels, which can be useful when working on a project. 

8. Improve Lighting And Décor 

For your garage to seem like a multifunctional space, it should feel a bit more inviting and less industrial with extra special touches. One of the ways to achieve this is to add more lighting fixtures. Garages are often known for having bad lighting, which normally consists of small lights or just a single light at the garage door. By adding more light in your garage, you can increase its usability and make it more appealing. 

Another way to improve your garage décor is by putting curtains, which may be hung to cover up the storage along your walls. This is a good option to conceal the clutter on pegboards and shelves. In addition to that, placing a multifunctional bench or extra seating can make a huge difference when making your garage more functional. 

Garage Conversion Ideas To Consider 

Once you decide to convert your garage into a multifunctional space, you would’ve probably thought of various things already. If you’re still undecided and unsure of the best idea for your garage conversion, below are some great ideas you may consider: 

1. Garage Gym

If you don’t have extra space in your room for gym equipment, you can use the extra space in the garage by turning it into your mini gym. It’s a convenient option for those who don’t want to waste time and effort to commute to the gym and pay monthly fees.  

Just choose a flooring material that offers traction and is easy to clean like an epoxy coating or rubber mats. It’s also important to ensure good airflow in your garage by adding fans or opening your garage door. 

2. Workshop

You can turn your garage into your own workshop if you’re a car enthusiast, woodworker, or an artist. This is a perfect place where you can store your tools and do your projects.  

Your garage may also provide lots of space for your workbench and work tables. Just ensure proper ventilation if you’re planning to work with automotive fumes or exhaust from stain, paints, and strong chemicals. 

3. Extra Living Room

Your garage is also ideal as an extra living room if you want to convert it into a multifunctional space. Some homeowners may opt to get rid of the wall between the rest of the home and the garage to make it part of the house.  

Air conditioning and heating may be added to your existing system or you may install some portable units. You may also consider adding ceiling or recessed lights for a cozy glow. To accommodate your entire family and guests, you can use functional and comfortable furniture. 

4. Bar Or Social Room

You can convert your garage into a great entertainment space as a social room or bar. If you’re planning to use it year-round, install air conditioning, insulation, and heating. This will protect your toys and game machines from temperature extremes and humidity. You may also pick a drywall and paint your ceiling or walls. 

For social rooms, there are various flooring options to consider and these include polished concrete, carpeting, adhesive garage tiles, and hardwood. You can also install plumbing if you want to have a wet bar. 

5. Guest Room

If your friends or relatives often visit your place, it’d be best to have a spare room for them. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to convert your garage into an extra room for your guests. You can ask for help from a contractor to create a small room in your garage and equip it with essential plumbing and electrical necessities. 

Adding lighting in convenient places is also a good idea. You may also make your garage more comfortable by adding carpets or nice flooring. Just see to it that all of your tools are organized properly and you have a separate space for your tools. 

6. Practice Room

If you’re an aspiring musician, you may turn your garage into your own practice room. It helps avoid having to rent another studio space and enables you to maintain the setup of your instruments. However, it’s best to soundproof it to avoid complaints from your neighbors and reduce noise.  

You may consider a special soundproofing material for your garage and compliment it with couches, rugs, and wall hangings for extra sound absorption. 

Tips To Convert Your Garage Into A Multifunctional Space Successfully 

If you’re having a hard time with your garage conversion, make sure to follow the tips below to get the best possible results: 

  • Hire A Contractor To Help You

If you’re a skilled DIYer, you can do this home improvement project on your own. However, if you don’t have the skills, make sure to work with a contractor. Having a good contractor by your side is an invaluable resource for everything you want for your garage. 

The best contractor lets you understand the things that are possible to have a multifunctional space and the things that can’t be attained. But, it’s important to choose a contractor that has years of experience and will provide you the best deals. 

  • Planning Matters 

Even if you have an idea of what you want for your garage, it doesn’t mean that you should skip planning. You still need to plan your garage conversion for better results and for you to ensure that all of your preferred structural features will be incorporated properly. For instance, do you like an extra window? Or do you want more cabinets? This is why you must plan for everything and discuss it with your contractor to modify your garage into your desired multifunctional space. 

  • Don’t Forget The Permits 

Your garage isn’t a conditioned living space, which only means that it doesn’t have plumbing, electrical connections, air conditioning, and heating components compared to other parts of your home. However, if you want to convert your garage into a multifunctional space, you have to add such things. You’ll need permits to enable you to do that, as theyre required for structural renovations and necessary before you start your garage conversion project. 

Permits may vary from one state to another. Depending on the extent of your garage conversion process and where you live, this process may take anywhere from several weeks to a whole year. So, contact your local building officials to get permits and to know the limitations you must keep in mind. 


There are many ways to turn your garage into a multifunctional space. From upgrading its flooring to equipping it with electricity and technology, there are various ideas you can consider for your garage. Whether you want it as a place where you can work on some of your projects or as a cozy place for your whole family, it’s entirelpossible with prior planning. All you have to do is be creative and style your garage any way you want. 


Easy Rubbish Removal Tips for Every Homeowner 

Aside from making sure all your fixtures are working properly, as a homeowner, you should also exert time and effort into removing waste and junk from your property. All the money you spent buying new furniture and décor just to give your home a makeover is worthless if your home is unsanitary. Rubbish is not only an eyesore, but it can also become the reason why you and your family are susceptible to common illnesses and diseases. You don’t want this situation to happen, do you? Steer away from this direction by following some easy rubbish removal tips below: 

1. Give away or donate.  

If you have some clothes or furniture in your home that you’re no longer using, don’t throw them away. If they’re still usable, consider donating them. Here’s some tips when donating:  

  • Scout for charities and organizations near your area that can benefit from the items you’re planning to dispose of. Donate the clothes and toys that your children have outgrown to charities for kids. 
  • Slightly damaged but still usable furniture can be given to orphanages and nursing homes. 
  • Opt to give these to your friends and family. For sure, many of them will be more than willing to accept your giveaways if they need them! 
  • Remove any rubbish items that are no longer useful. If you find that an item can’t really be reused, throw it in the rubbish instead of giving it to someone else to throw away.  

Giving away and donating your unused items won’t only help you get rid of junk in your home, but you’ll also be able to help a lot of people. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

2. Rent a dumpster for your own use 

If you still have a lot of items to dispose of even after giving to charities and organizations, rent a dumpster. This should be your next step to take care of the waste that’s left. This option may be new, but this is one of the most cost-effective solutions for your rubbish removal problems. Here’s some tips when renting a dumpster: 

  • Search for companies that provide dumpster rental services in your area. Scout for at least three options and compare their prices and services. If possible, choose a company that operates locally as they’re more knowledgeable about the waste disposal regulations in your state. 
  • Check the sizes of dumpsters available. You don’t want to hire a dumpster that’s too big for your block of land.  
  • Make sure the dumpster can take what you’re throwing out. For example if you’re planning to throw out hazardous materials like paint, check with the company if they have a dumpster specifically for this.  

Regardless of how sentimental an item is, if you’re no longer using it, go ahead and throw it in the dumpster.  

3. Take advantage of your community waste removal system  

Most often than not, you don’t have to look far just to get rid of your waste at home. Most communities offer trash pickup services for free, so take advantage of it. Just make sure that you reach out to an authority in your community to be well informed of the schedule and guidelines.  

Disposing of your waste through the services offered in your community doesn’t just help keep your home clean; it also helps provide livelihood to several people working in the community. Some waste removal systems even make money from recyclables found in community waste.  

4. Hire a professional junk removal service

Neglecting spring cleaning for years and not having a regular cleaning schedule at home can result in endless piles of junk. With this kind of situation, hiring professional junk removal services is your best bet so you can get rid of the rodents as well. Things to remember when hiring junk removal services.  

  • Professional junk removal services offer complete solutions to your rubbish removal problems. From sorting out to tossing your waste, these professionals can do it for you. They also have the right equipment, which means that they can accomplish their tasks effectively and efficiently. Once you hire them, you’ll be at ease knowing your waste is disposed of in the best way possible without harming the environment.
  • Only hire an established and reputable junk removal company who has trained and certified contractors. Ask for recommendations from friends and family so you can narrow down your search. Asking for referrals will also help you avoid any companies that are operating illegally or don’t provide quality services. 

First Things First 

It’s common for homeowners to have plans on how they can save on electricity bills, when they’ll update their fixtures, or who they’ll call in case their home needs repair. All of these are important – and so is rubbish removal. Maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your home will make it easy for you to achieve your plans for your home – whether it’s revamping your space or renovating an area of your house for an updated look. So make rubbish removal a priority as well! 

5 Tips To Maintain A Weed-Free Lawn 

Having a lawn requires a lot of maintenance, especially if you have a big one that you frequently use. Nobody wants a lawn riddled with unwanted elements, the most common of which are weeds. You need to have the essential tools and know-how to keep your lawn free from destructive weeds. 

To help you out with the latter, here are five tips to maintain a weed-free lawn.

1. Learn how to conduct a thorough garden weeding

Weeds are likely to grow faster if there are already other weeds on the lawn. Prevent this from happening by removing the weeds as soon as they pop up.  

There are three ways to remove existing weeds, and they are as follows: 

  • Hand weeding

    The most common method for removing weeds, hand weeding is a technique that most gardeners resort to despite the presence of equipment. Although weeds can grow without you knowing, you can easily spot them and pull them out with your bare hands. 

  • Using gardening tools

    If removing weeds using your own hands isn’t really for you, then you can also choose to use gardening tools such as a weeder, hoe, or lopper instead. These tools, which have their respective functions, can help you pull out your weeds faster. To be more specific, weeders or hoes can help you pull out weeds at their roots, while loppers are used to prune the top part of weeds that are too stubborn to pull.

It’s also important that you store your gardening tools in a safe and suitable place.

  • Using herbicides 

    For weeds that are too difficult to remove, using herbicides is your best solution. Not only do they make the weeds easier to pull, but they also prevent new ones from growing. Just make sure to follow the steps on the packaging of the herbicide before using it to avoid damaging your lawn. 

No matter which of these three techniques you decide to use, keep in mind that garden weeding is best done when the soil is moist. Although you could wait for it to rain, it’s more efficient if you pour warm water on the ground instead. 

2. Dethatch your lawn at least once a year

In case you didn’t know, a thatch is a soil layer that collects dead roots, stems, and leaves. Thatches can’t be completely removed from the soil, but the good news is that they can’t harm plants unless they get thick enough to separate the roots of the plant from the healthy soil. 

It’s a good idea to get rid of thatches even before it reaches that point. You can remove thatches by following these four simple steps: 

  • Push through the affected soil using a thatching rake. 
  • Rake in one direction to remove the thatch from the soil while being careful not to damage the grass’ roots. 
  • Pick up the layer of thatch using a leaf rake – or any gardening tool, for that matter – and properly dispose of it. 
  • You can opt to use the removed thatch as fertilizer by composting it and sprinkling it all over your lawn. 

Take note that thatching rakes are ideal for small lawns, but not for big ones; a power dethatcher is much more suitable for the latter. However, it does carve a significant number of holes on your lawn. Don’t worry though, because, after two to three days with regular watering, it will look as good as new.  

Now, if you’re not quite up for this dethatching challenge, you could always contact companies to do this job, as well as other, for you. 

3. Aerate your lawn whenever necessary

Occasionally, the soil in your lawn compacts. When that happens, weeds are able to root themselves firmly in the soil and grow tall. To prevent that from happening, you need to aerate your lawn and loosen the soil regularly. 

You can make that happen by using special equipmentSpike aerators, for instance, are used to create holes in the soil and ease soil compaction, while plug aerators remove some of the soil on top to give more room below. It’s best to consult a lawn care expert for this task since doing it improperly runs the risk of furthering soil compaction. 

For best results, make sure that the soil is moist before aeration and rich with fertilizers after. 

4. Cover the bare parts of your lawn

Your lawn is bound to have some bare parts if you’ve just finished aerating or dethatching it. It’s important to cover up those parts because, without grass and if left unattended, they could be a breeding ground for weeds.  

There are two ways to cover the bare parts of your lawn: 

  • Grass replanting

    This not only prevents weeds from growing by keeping out sunlight, but it also keeps your lawn presentable-looking. The best time to replant grass is during late summer or autumn, which is when the soil is damp and warm, allowing seeds to germinate. 

  • Mulching

    If grass replanting is too much work, a quicker yet more temporary solution is pouring mulch that’s around 2 inches thick over the bare areas. Try to use organic mulch as it maintains soil moisture and health. 

Having bald spots on your lawn can quickly become a big problem, especially if you keep furniture like folding chairs and tables on it. So, try your best to address this problem promptly and efficiently. 

5. Keep the grass well-trimmed

Maintaining a fixed height for the grass on your lawn can prevent weeds from growing. If you keep it at around 2.5 to 3 inches tall, the shade that comes from the grass when the sun is up prevents weeds from growing. You also don’t want to let your grass grow too tall, because that will make them a good habit for insects that could be carriers of harmful diseases. 

The Bottom Line 

Maintaining your lawn can be simpler than you think, but that isn’t too say that it wouldn’t need time and hard work. Just remember that you have to regularly weed, dethatch, and aerate your lawn while keeping the bare parts of your lawn and the height of the grass in check. It’s also best to use home technology devices to help you maintain your lawn especially if you’re staying out of your home for longer periods.

Indeed, lawn maintenance can sometimes be a pain, but all the work pays off when you get to enjoy a green, weed-free lawn every day. 

Tips For Upgrading Your Garage When You Have A New Car 

When you get a new car, you want to ensure that the garage that houses it is in good shape. Since your garage is a critical part of your home, you want to give it a lift to match your newly acquired asset. Besides just storing your car, the garage should be a place of solitude where you can spend some time alone or inspect your car leisurely.  

Here are some useful tips when upgrading your garage: 

1. Get A New Garage Door

When you enter your home, the garage door is what you see first. If it is already old and worn out, consider revamping or replacing it with a modern, stylish door. If your door is still new but is not working properly, have an expert fix it. 

Still, consider upgrading your garage door to better secure your new vehicle. When upgrading your garage door, decide which material you want to use. You can choose from aluminum, wood, steel, or fiberglass. If you are looking for a material that is affordable, but is customizable and secure, aluminum and steel are your best picks. 

In addition to installing a new door, consider adding advanced security features, such as sensors, remote control, and auto-reverse. With these functionalities, you’ll make it difficult for burglars to access your garage; even people in your household won’t be able to access it without a key. 

2. Install Storage Facilities  

Your garage needs to be organized well to ensure that there is no clutter in the space. There are two ways you can go about storing stuff in the garage. The first one is the use of wall organizers that enable you to easily place items on the wall. Use hooks and hangers to create wall spaces for different items. This will create more floor space in your garage. 

To store smaller items that cannot be hung on the walls, adding cabinets would do the trick. You can either install free-standing cabinets or fitted ones. If you don’t intend to move from your house anytime soon, opt for fitted cabinets as those offer more stability. If you want to learn more about organizing your garage’s storage facilities, search home improvement stores in your locality for more ideas. 

3. Install A Garage Car Lift  

If you need to create additional parking space in your garage, installing a car lift would be a good idea. With a car lift, you can use the same space to park two cars vertically, without having to invest in major garage expansion works. When buying a car lift, you need to consider the weight of the vehicles that you will need to lift. Some of the details that you will need to pay attention to are the maximum weight the lift can carry, height, power source, lock positions, and strength details.  

4. Insulate And Update Garage Door Interior 

Energy consumption can become a major cost center for your home if you do not seal any spaces that reduce efficiency in the garage. Ensure that your energy bills remain low by insulating your garage to prevent heat leakage during winter. Insulating the garage will also make the space enjoyable to use throughout the year.  

Also, pay attention to the appearance of your garage interiors and ensure that the walls and the door between your house and the garage is in good shape. If it is not, consider giving it a face lift by adding a fresh coat of paint. Also, make your floor attractive and durable by refurbishing its concrete flooring with some durable floor material that is easy to clean.  

5. Give Your Garage Lights A Lift

Lighting is an important part of your garage’s interior and exterior workings. This is because lights do not just ensure good visibility, but they also contribute to the security of your garage. Proper lighting helps ensure that you can clearly see even the most complex parts of your vehicle when you need to troubleshoot your car. Lighting also determines how your garage atmosphere will be like. Hence, it’s best to install smart home technology for appropriate lights of your garage to ensure that the space is well-lit. 

Wrapping Up 

When you get a new car, it feels good to have everything around it feel new. Reworking your garage is a great way to do that. As you make all the changes discussed above to your garage, don’t forget to add a workbench. This should give you enough space to work in the garage by giving you access to the tools you rely on most. When picking materials to use for your workbench, consider how sturdy they are and how easy it is to clean their surfaces.  

The Best Smart Home Devices for 2020

In today’s world, the best smart home devices for 2020 are those that can give people the greatest convenience and most value for money. As with anything, however, you can expect that these systems’ future may be more complicated than they first appear.

1. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs have various shapes and sizes available for the most reasonable price. They’re an integral part of any smart home. Most importantly, these devices will help your life be easier. If you’re planning to purchase one, you should do your research and find the right plug for your needs.

A smart plug can be useful in several ways. For example, you can use it to provide power to a device. With remote control, you can use the smart plug to turn on your lights and turn off your appliances. You can also use your smart plug to turn on and off your computers. This will help you save money if you’re running out of battery power.

2. Smart Locks

Smart locks over the last few years have been popular, and for a good reason – they offer safety as traditional home security staples, with additional features that better fit today’s lifestyle.

One of the biggest concerns with traditional home security systems is the handling of keys. This can be a huge inconvenience to owners, particularly when it comes to hard-to-get keys, such as from locked cars or from kids’ houses that are out of their parents’ reach.

Smart locks work with an essential remote control to give the owner access to their own home, regardless of how hard or easy it is to get a key to. The key control can be programmed to allow users to add additional security to a home by controlling who can enter. Using codes, users can set up an electronic system to remotely unlock and open a door while providing access from an outside location.

Other uses of smart locks include giving a security perimeter to the house by disabling the doors to unauthorized entrances. These devices can also be programmed to be activated to sound an alarm if the house is broken into. When home security is a significant concern for most homeowners, smart locks have made a big move towards providing homeowners with peace of mind.

3. Smart Lighting

A new generation of home lighting called “smart lighting” has emerged, and it’s truly unique what it has to offer! Smart lighting is a system in which you can set the lights at different levels or even change the light used inside your house. Smart lighting is one you can access through a mobile application, generally on your phone.

There are many different styles of lighting that have already come out on the market. They have different shapes, colors, and designs. For example, the type of lights commonly used in restaurants and other commercial establishments are LED lights. These lights are incredibly energy-efficient, and they can provide you with a lot of brightness. You don’t have to replace them as they last longer than with traditional lighting fixtures. Other forms of lighting include fluorescent lights and even lamps that are solar-powered.

Smart lighting is excellent for the disabled or older person that has difficulty performing basic daily tasks. This mobile application allows you to adjust the light from a distance.


By knowing these smart home technology in mind, you should be able to find something that’ll fit your needs and budget without breaking your bank account, all while providing you with a wide variety of different options for you to choose from.

What is home technology?

Home technology, also known as home automation, uses systems in the house that connect through a wireless network, typically the internet or a home network. The use of the internet can allow the user to perform tasks such as controlling the television, computer, or phone. The internet has become a common and reliable means of communication for many people, but now you can use it to control your home.

The System

Home automation can also be considered a system that has come a long way over time. The first system was not very efficient. It used wiring and electrical devices that could be easily damaged by a slight shock. The second system was far less efficient and required a technician to do all of the wiring and installation.

Today, more sophisticated and advanced versions of home automation systems have been developed. They’re now available to perform tasks such as controlling the thermostat and lighting in the house. The newer systems have many features, including monitoring your computer or controlling your house’s heating or cooling unit.

The Features Of Smart Home Technology

There are many things to know about home automation. Before choosing one of these systems, it’s essential to understand what it is and how it works. A good idea to start with is to get a good picture of the different features of a system. You’ll then be able to make a decision.

Here are some of the features that you should look for.

1. Connection

First, you want to ensure that the system you choose requires a wireless connection. This makes home automation easier because you don’t need to go to another location to connect the devices.

If the system is a plug and play type, you’ll have to bring your computer to a particular place to get the connection. Most people prefer to plug and play home automation systems because they’re inexpensive, convenient, and run from any type of power source.

2. Battery Backup

You also need to decide on a home automation system by determining if it has a battery backup. If a person or item is damaged, you can still use the computer or device. This is a safety feature that many people use, mostly when children play with the electronic devices.

3. Devices

Once you have decided on a home automation system, you need to determine what devices will work best for you. These could be your radio controlled appliances, a security alarm, television, or computer or video games. Once you have determined which systems you want, it’s time to install them and set them up correctly.

The Installation

The installation process for any system takes about two hours. Most companies will provide you with instructions and safety guidelines for their products. It’s essential to follow all instructions entirely so you can avoid any problems.


Home automation or smart home technology is the integration of electronic devices into the house so that they’re easy to use and operate. In most cases, you can set them up from the comfort of your own home.

Some home automation examples are the thermostat, lighting, security system, air conditioning units, and electric fireplace.

Benefits of Home Technology

Smart home technology is fast catching on worldwide, but its benefits are still being discovered. Many people have been saying for quite a while that this technology is here to stay.

So if you’re still unaware how home automation can help, here’s a closer look at some of these advantages:

1. Protect Your House

One benefit you can have when using smart home technology is to protect your home and belongings from theft. With today’s technology, you can automate even the most mundane tasks. Just imagine having a security system installed in your home that will turn on your lights when someone enters your house.

Or it can automatically trigger the alarm system when someone trespasses your home.

2. Remote Control Access

If you have an electronic gadget at home, you can control it remotely. You can remotely turn on lights and other electronic devices even when you’re far from home.

With today’s technology, you can even remotely shut off the lights and other electronics.

Remote control access is even possible from your home to your office. Now you can access your office from your home. You can access your office on your mobile phone. This allows you to access essential files while you’re on the go at home.

3. Wireless Connectivity

Today’s modern technology allows the use of Wi-Fi to connect your home devices easily. Thus, you can be in touch with your office without any hassle. You can also have the ability to communicate with your family members in a way you have never thought possible.

You won’t need to set up another room in your home for entertainment. Today’s gadgets can easily stream audio, video, images, and music to your TV so you can watch and listen live on television while you work in the comfort of your home, instead of setting up a separate room just for entertainment.

4. Ease Of Use

When you have the convenience of having your electronic gadgets at home, you don’t have to set them up repeatedly. You simply plug them in and access them anywhere.

You can even easily change the settings of these devices. When you want to change the settings, all you have to do is press a single button remotely, and the same settings are immediately applied. You can even easily switch between different applications using only your mobile phone or laptop.

Since technology advances quickly, you can easily upgrade to the latest versions of these devices whenever you want to update their features. By changing the software or programs on your gadget, you can make your home automation devices more interesting.


These are just a few of the many benefits of smart home technology and it has made life easier and more convenient for those who want to keep track of everything at home. That’s why it’s best to take the time to learn more about it and get informed so you can get the best home automation system and devices for your home.

There are many companies that offer these services at affordable prices, so you can monitor things at home, and even monitor the activities that take place in your home.