Rat Control: How To Get Rodents Out Of Your Home Permanently

Wherever you may be reading this from, it’s quite possible that mice and rats are comfortable enough to make your home theirs too. Mice and rats are carriers of so many diseases that you wouldn’t want them in your home. As cute as they may look, it’s safe to say that homeowners should still consider these rodents as pests.  

The last thing that you’d want to happen is for rats and other rodents to permanently create a residence in your home. So, whenever you see one in your home, it’s advisable that you always make the effort to drive them away, and permanently at that. Here are some of the best tips on how you can get your rodents out of your home forever: 

1. Cover Up Holes And Spaces With Steel Wool 

Whenever you see holes and spaces in your home, one of the best ways for you to ensure that rodents never get through is to cover it permanently. But, if this option isn’t available at the moment, sealing these gaps with steel wool will do.  

There are many other viable solutions for rat control that you can choose to fill up holes in your homes such as drywall and insulation paper. However, rodents can easily chew on these. With steel wool, however, if they did try to chew on these, it would also kill them. Steel wool is a cheap and common household item that you can use. You can prevent mice from infiltrating your home – forever.

2. If You Don’t Have Pet Birds, Don’t Feed Other Birds 

When you have children in your home, it can be very tempting to have bird food around your house so that you and your children can share this fun activity. However, the bird food you keep in your home also attracts rodents. If you don’t have pet birds, don’t keep bird food around. 

3. Turn On Some Lights 

Rodents don’t like bright lights. If you’ve noticed, rodents only dwell in dark areas, so you may want to turn on some lights around those areas. Rats are mostly nocturnal animals, which means that they’re less inclined to stay and dwell in well-lit areas. This suggestion is one of the most favored solutions by expert rodent removal companies. If you see that there’s a rat infestation somewhere in your home, use strobe lights. If you can aim these lights in places where you know they hide, you’ll see them leave and never come back. 

4. Properly Seal All Pet Food  

In stores and groceries, most cat and dog food are kept in boxes or sacks. However, at home, you should transfer these into airtight containers because all pet food attracts rodents. Since rodents have a keen sense of smell and the smell of pet food wafts into the air if they are kept in open boxes and sacks, the rats will keep returning. When this happens, not only are you breeding rats in your home, you’re also feeding them and their entire tribe the food that’s for your pets. Even more, you’ll be doing a cleaning job every single day with the pet food that’s scattered all over the place. To avoid this, keep your pet food in airtight containers, and store all these containers away from the floor. 

5. Spray Peppermint Oil Around  

Another viable solution for you to keep rodents out of your home is to spray some peppermint oil around the house. Peppermint oil is herb-based and non-toxic. In addition, your rooms will smell fresh and clean. The smell of peppermint is a natural deterrent to mice and rats. A bonus tip: you may want to add peppermint oil to your cleaners or you may choose cleaners with a fresh scent.  

6. Seal All Garbage Bins

Garbage bins that contain leftover food attract rats. Imagine the germs and dirt that these rodents can spread after going through your trash bins and running around your home. Check that all your garbage bins have covers that cannot be opened by animals. Trash cans should be emptied into the lockable garbage bins.  

If you’ve too much waste, there are many ways you can remove rubbish from your home like hiring professional junk removal service.


Mice and rats can contaminate your home, spread diseases, destroy wirings, containers, and even important documents. When you see rats or mice in your home, or you see evidence of rodents such as droppings and nibbled holes in plastic bags or insulation, act immediately and permanently keep these pests away from your home. With the six (6) practical tips summarized in this article, you now have some of the best ways to be safe and healthy.